Innovative Training Network

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An Innovative Training Network is currently in preparation which deals with the understanding of experimental limits and fundamental principles for exploiting and developing electro-conducting nanoarchitectures to assemble highly efficient hydrogenase enzymes as a basis for efficient and stable H2/O2 biofuel cells. 

The proposed ITN is a collaboration between thirteen internationally-renowned research teams (in Germany, UK, France, Spain), each with complementary expertise in a wide range of bioelectrochemistry

ITN is looking for an industrial partner who has a R&D skill in the domain of sustainable energy or nanomaterials. This industrial partner will benefit of a 36 months PhD student. 

Project overview

  • CoordinatorElisabeth Lojou
  • Contact

    Elisabeth Lojou

    +33 6 78 40 55 88
    +33 4 91 16 45 24

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