Growing Algea for Biodiesel

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The essence of the project is to optimize the cultivation of microalgae, so that is economically viable for the production of biodiesel. This project idea has two different phases:

Phase 1: Analysis of the environmental parameters and cultivation conditions with the aim of obtaining the maximum production of lipids with natural light conditions (lab scale).
Phase 2: Once Phase 1 is completed the idea is to investigate and develop a modular pilot plant. The construction of an innovative photobioreactor and the subsequent investigations growing different algae species will be the main parts of this phase. The results achieved from the pilot plant will be taken into account for a future industrial plant. Modular pilot plant will be considered.


 1.       Innovative photobioreactors: related to the efficient light capture and distribution system developed. Mass transfer, temperature control, accumulation of oxygen, lighting control and distribution, cleaning difficulties, energy consumption, etc. will be investigated. Comparison analysis to traditional photobioreactors found in tanks.
2.       Two2-stage growing method: first growing algae and second fattening up the algae previously obtained.   
3.       Make algae fuel production more efficient


  • Multiproduct algae for biodiesel and some other interests such as chemicals, medicines, aquiculture, etc.
  • Two-stage photobioreactor cultivation system
  • Fast-growing algae that could allow cheaper and more efficient biofuels

 Profile of Partner(s) sought

  • Companies interesting in testing their own algae cultivation
  • Companies engaged in the production of biodiesel from algae
  • Companies engaged in the production of different products from algae

Project overview

  • CoordinatorBIOBAS
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    Luisa  Maria Lucas (R&D Manager)
    e-mail: /
    Telephone: +34 942 108 578
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