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A new plus energy building design is under focus.

Structure design of the planned building is compatible to the principles of the "energy architecture".

Energy exchange with the earth through the soil-source heat pumps, safe and ecological materials with high insulation values, the use of the correct direction, led lighting, daylight lighting, venturi chimney with wind emitters and hot water collectors are main structure elements.

Total energy demand is naturally to gain from renewable sources. 

All heating, cooling, lighting and ventilation needs will be produced through natural resources.. 

Biological purification, rain water gaining are other nature friendly applications.

Energy simulation will be made at begin and all required electrical –mechanical equipments will be choosen regarding results of the simulation.

The building’s energy efficiency is to observe on-line and through energy meters measured energy balance will be compared with simulation results.

With all these features, aim of this project is extending usage of renewable energy resources on large size office –research center etc.  buildings where 50% of energy is spent in closed living areas and gaining energy production with help of innovative technologies.  

This project is to see as pioner to govermental and private building sector.

Considered technologies:

  • Vertical axial wind turbine for low wind rates
  • Wind scope
  • Venturi chimney
  • Horizantal sun reflectors with tracking option
  • High efficient Tromb wall
  • A new radiant heating-cooling distribution system
  • Heat pump
  • Fotovoltaic
  • Solar thermal
  • Led lighting
  • Natural day lighting
  • Energy efficiency simulation

Project coordinator consortium:

Coordinator group is aggregated from multiple SMEs that are professionals on above mentioned technology design and applications. Diyarbakir passive house, Bursa Municipality passive house research center, Eyup-Istanbul municipality passive office, Zafer Forest Medical Plants plus energy research center, GAP greenhouse plus energy design are some of executed projects of the consortium.



Project overview