2nd Chance

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Dispose or Make a Re-use 

EV batteries are renewed when reached to a 70-80% SOH (State of Health)
Disposing batteries harm the eco-system with toxic components and emissions created 
Rather, creating a circular economy, replaced battery can be utilised in other value chains. Such as; 

  • RES + storage systems,  
  • Peak load shaving,  
  • A/S quality control, 
  • Asset optimization, 
  • Back-up power supply, 
  • Energy arbitrage. 

Required Partners Profile:

Leading the analysis of battery cells.
Conducting unpacking-grouping-repacking
Developing the BMS software and hardware

Project overview

  • CoordinatorENERJISA Distribution Companies
  • Contact

    Hülya Erdener Akınç

  • StatusProjects looking for partners