FTMC Turbine

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A buoyant fully-submerged marine turbine to harness tidal and ocean currents

The FTMC marine turbine harnesses the energy from tidal and ocean currents in those locations that cannot use fixed turbines. It is the most cost-efficient solution for these regions, a sturdy and easy to maintain solution, and it keeps minimum the environmental impact. 

Key selling points

• The unit can be placed at the height where the best currents are, usually close to the surface, even when the distance to the seabed is high, as in Florida Strait. This doubles the market size as it addresses deep locations

• The unit is fully submerged: it does not obstruct the view and potentially allows navigation, often an issue as the best places are usually in narrow straits

• It can be fully emerged for maintenance without the need of expensive crane vessels • The unit is robust: there is no yaw system and no mechanical gear; and the nozzle protects the blades and fauna from potential damages (collision, mooring lines entanglement…)

• A minimum footprint (one concrete block per unit) limits the environmental impact

• Turbines can be placed in close proximity, maximizing the power extracted from a specific tidal farm (as in an offshore wind farm), leveraging its industrialization and the business case 

 Jaime Moreu - Seaplace 

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