Real time monitoring for Smart Grids

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Providing Customers Real-Time Monitoring of Their Own Energy Consumption through Internet of Things (Iot) and Power Line Communication for Smart Grid

In smart grids using powerlines and digital RF technology, IP based Internet of Things infrastructure will be developed. The infrastructure will increase the rate of successful automatic remote reading of the meters. There will be a hybrid communication model (3- layers: PLC / IoT-RF / GSM) having the Internet of Things infrastructure.

In this model, PLC (power line communication) based communication will also be used together with digital RF communication. In addition, customers will have a structure to track their own energy consumption in real time with the Internet of Things infrastructure With this structure to be developed, the automatic remote meter reading systems will have an infrastructure with the following features.

  • Highly stable network infrastructure
  • Low energy consumption
  • High noise immunity
  • Low conduction delay
  • Use of high-efficiency frequency spectrum
  • Controlled network feature
  • Ability to work directly with IPv6 compliant systems
  • Scalable architecture

Required Partner Profiles:

  • Hardware Manufacturer 
  • Internet of Things (IoT) and Sensor Device Manufacturer 
  • Smart Meter Manufacturer
  • Electricity Distribution Companies
  • Software Development Company (Preferably with background in energy management platforms, energy forecasting )

Mr Sevban Faruk Alp
Dicle Electricity Distribution Company

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