The aim of this project is to develop an energy management IoT platform to be used in the context of smart city concept. A pilot city in Turkey, namely İzmir, will be used in the project and it is aimed to make İzmir as a smart model city in Europe.

It will comprise the following components:

Smart plug (‘Slave Socket’):A smart plug system will be developed for monitoring and controlling the household energy consumption level via a mobile application. The smart plug system is an essential component in smart grids, which provides a real-time information for distribution companies. 

Smart plug will
a) send switch on/off command to Smart Master Device with an ID
b) control the energy consumption of household devices.         

-         Smart Master Device: A central smart master device will be developed. It will a) collect the smart plug ID and data, b) convey those to cloud server via wi-fi, c) handle the device-end user/consumer ID matching.

-          Cloud Center: A central cloud center will be developed. It will a) analyze the end user/consumer data and behavior (big data analysis and AI), b) analyze the device behavior  c) calculate how much energy consumed/saved via switch on/off information in terms of the current tariff of end user/consumer.

-          Mobile Application: A mobile application for consumers will be developed in order to increase the engagement of consumers with the platform. Through the mobile application, end users will be able a) to monitor their energy consumption level, b) to switch on/off their household devices remotely, c) to view reports on their consumption such as when to switch on/of their which device, how much money they saved from their energy usage, etc.

       On the other hand, consumers will be given two options to use the saved money from their energy usage: One is to transfer it to their local transportation card in İzmir. Another option is to donate it to charity provided by the Municipality of Izmir. 

      Project Coordinator : 
 Ms Esen Kunt 
 Tel: +90 212 328 3331
 e-mail : 




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