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The aim of Game4SEEN Project is to create a behavioral change of individuals on energy usage through the use of customized gamification techniques (to increase citizen engagement) while empowering individuals (i.e. citizens) thanks to direct impact of their own for a higher life standard in the concept of smart city.
Our project employs four interacted concepts (i.e. Gamification, IoT Middleware, Crossed Finance Platform and Social Energy Efficiency Impact) which are brought together under one single platform in order to achieve a sustainable energy efficiency approach. The concept of ‘4’ in the name of the project comes from those defined concepts when ‘SEEN’ represents the use of gamification techniques for a more aware society.


Innovative part of Game4SEEN project:
  • Extended demand side management techniques based on ‘Gamification’,
  • Social impact on energy efficiency by empowered individuals,
  • Crossed Finance Platform with the bonuses of energy efficiency,
  • Gamification based IoT and energy usage.
Partner Search:
  • Test and Validation:
    • Ability to develop measurement and verification
    • Ability to profile consumer & load
    • Ability to analyze demand side management
    • AMR/AMI development (optional)
  • Load Prediction.

      Project Coordinator : 
 Ms Esen Kunt 
 Tel: +90 212 328 3331
 e-mail : 




Project overview

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