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The proposed project aims to analyse generation and consumption load profile data on smart grid to forecast generation and consumption amount for hourly, daily and monthly timeline.

  • Economical issue: Estimation of consumption and generation values for the next day is a difficult issue for electricity distribution firms by determining amount of energy to buy
  •  Societal issue: Estimation of  generation values for the next day is important to encourage renewable-energy usage, because in that way generation-amount can be determined for near future
  • Technical issue:  -Big data, Machine learning, Artificial intelligence and Deep learning methods will be researched and implemented 
                               -There will be co-work with partners from energy sector to establish appropriate prediction model  

Partners involved:
Gediz Elektrik Dağıtım A.Ş. ( An electricity distribution company in Turkey)

Missing partners / expertise:
-Solar Power Panel Generation Company in Europe
-Wind Turbine Generation Company in Europe

Project Coordinator Company : NETAS
Ms Aynur Delibaş Yıldırgan   
Telephone number:  +90 216 522 50 39 

Project overview

  • CoordinatorNETAS
  • StatusProjects looking for partners