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Project Description
Among various types of use, electricity consumption for agricultural purposes is distinctive in terms of significant seasonal load changes and its effects on grid operations. Energy demand is mostly based on electrical requirements for irrigation practices and farm buildings in certain schemes. In addition to use of electricity, agricultural activities heavily consume water resources and fossil fuels for on-site backup power generation in diesel generators in many countries; creating environmental pressure on local ecosystem and infrastructure.

AGRIMICO Project aims to focus on developing a scalable and adaptable microgrid solution that specializes on technical characteristics of energy use in agricultural practices.  The solution will consist of a planning and design tool for developing agricultural microgrids and provide decision support for continuous microgrid operations with respect to dynamic load and generation characteristics. Testing, validation and demonstration activities of the project will take place in a pilot site within one of the largest agricultural basins in Turkey. Additional opportunities for pilots are welcome.

Required Partner Profiles:

  • Software development company  (Preferably with background in energy management platforms, energy forecasting )
  • Control hardware manufacturer
  • Sensor / smart meter manufacturer
  • Solar PV manufacturer
  • Energy storage system integrator
  • Optional: DSO, ESCO – For alternative pilots

Contact Information:

Coordinator ENERJISA
Contact Tugrul ATASOY

Project overview

  • CoordinatorENERJISA
  • StatusProjects looking for partners