Plasma Gasification of olive bagasse

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Olive oil bagasse which is produced in the two phase production technology have a high humidity content. It is necessary to carry out dehumidify process, when the conventional combustion or gasification systems are used. This requirement results in high drying costs and makes the system inefficient. But in case of the plasma technology that planned to used in this Project, the moisture content of the raw material loses its importance. In the direction of these factors, the establishment of plasma gasification system which is technologically renewable and a more economical because of there is no need for pre-drying constitute the innovative direction of this project.

We will obtain a intermediate product gas in the end of this project which is called plasma gas and containg high amount of H2 and CO. This gas mixture could be used in electricity generation, liquid fuel production and chemical production. It is aimed to take place in the world market by producing synthetic liquid fuel or chemicals with this gas which is the project output. As a result, our main market targets will be the chemical industry and the fuel industry. 

More about Anadolu Plazma:

Anadolu Plazma Technology Energy Consultancy Centre was established in 2009 at Gazi University Techno Park. The advanced engineering company that brings creative and innovative solutions to unique engineering problems. Anadolu Plazma is an advanced engineering company providing creative and innovative solutions to unique engineering problems. As an advanced engineering and optimization company, Anadolu Plazma applies last technology as plasma technologies are generally used in space, aviation, industry and medical sectors. Nowadays, Anadolu Plazma Technology Energy Center, with its academic background, gives consulting service to Turkish Coal Enterprises (TKİ), Roketsan, Turkish Aerospeace Industries Inc. TAI) and Vestel Defense Agencies. And at the same time Anadolu Plasma takes place with these corporations in common projects.

Anadolu Plazma carries out the projects with advanced R&D and engineering activities from concept to the last user. In new technologies, Anadolu Plazma offers engineering and consultancy service in design and preparing the pilot systems as it is in product development, research and development, energy efficiency consulting, the latest generation of analysis and simulation software distribution, application and software development, modeling, and product manufacturing process simulations, 3D virtual manufacturing environment animation and automation. In addition, the last projects we have done within the scope of The Scientific and Technological Research Council of Turkey (TÜBİTAK) are related to the area of plasma combustion, plasma gasification, plasma cutting devices development.

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