Cooperation in the Field of Redox Flow and Fuel Cell Technology

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Core Innovation Thermoplastic, high conductive bipolar plate 


  •  Thermoplastic characteristics 
  •  Electrically conductive 
  •  Thermally conductive 
  •  Corrosion resistant 
  •  Flexible 
  •  Thin
  •  Liquid-tight | Gas-tight 
  •  Subsequent reshaping


  •  non-brittle (flexibility between stiff, floppy, and roll-able) 
  •  Low-temperature 
  •  various thickness (less than 200µm up to 1 mm) 
  •  high conductivity due to 80% graphite/carbon black 
  •  weld-able (conventional plastic welding, heat welding, hot gas welding, laser welding, etc.) 
  •  emboss-able while or after production 
  •  Resistance lower than 30 mΩcm-2 

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