Hybrid Thermal-Compressed Air Energy Storage

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  • Massive, underground storage for lowest cost, utility scale
  • Above-ground, containerized storage for micro-grids

Clean mechanical + thermal storage:

  • Long lifespan = low LCOE
  • Recyclable materials, non-chemical storage

Environmental benefits:

  • Implement renewables, defer fossil fuel burning
  • Reduce transportation of FF & spill risks

Partners involved:

  • Utilities: Hydro-Quebec, Hydro Sherbrooke, BC Hydro
  • Universities: U de Sherbrooke, McGill University
  • Industry: Aval Engineering, HATCH
  • Research Centres: NR Can, Wind Energy TechnoCentre

Missing Partners:

  • Intermittent renewable energy projects
  • Projects with access to underground caverns
  • Commercial expertise in Europe, Australia, Africa

Project overview