Project Targets: 

  • Lowering the cost of the Vanadium based electrolytes, including the optimization of production processes and purity levels
  • Establishing accelerated testing, performance and lifetime protocols 
  • Assisting VRFB developers in cost reduction of components such as electrodes and separators

Key Selling Points:

Vanadium Electrolyte:

  • Vanadium V2O5 is approximately 43% of the cost of a 4MWh VFRB system
  • Options exist to reduce the cost, mostly linked to the acceptable impurity levels for electrolyte through reduced processing and/or standardization
  • Few studies or reports, and no standards exist on the quantitative levels for the supply chain


  • Existing Perfluorosulphonated membranes are approximately 27% of the cost of a 4MWh VFRB system
  • Alternatives such as composite, modified fluoride resin, non-fluorinated, Anion-exchange, and Daramic membranes have been investigated
  • Few qualified alternatives exist (high performance, high durability, low crossover, low cost)

Partners involved:

  • NRC-CNRC (Canada) – Membrane and Electrolyte Testing
  • Avalon Battery (Canada) – Flow Battery Developer / Supplier
  • Vanadium Corp (Canada) – Vanadium Supply

Missing partners / expertise

  • Electrolyte Producers
  • Membrane Manufacturers
  • Vanadium Mining Companies

Project collaborators with specific research capability related to the items above

Project overview

  • CoordinatorAdam Tuck
  • Contact

    Adam Tuck
    Program Leader - Energy Storage for Grid Security and Modernization
    National Research Council Canada

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