Flow Battery LCOE Optimization

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Enabling accelerated GHG reductions via refinement of the lowest LCOE Industrial battery

  • Avalon’s Vanadium Flow Battery (VFB) Technology already achieving lowest LCOE (4 hr durations
  • Focused R&D on key VFB materials and AC/DC converters can further reduce LCOE by >20%, displacing fossil fuel generators with PV + Avalon Battery systems

Key Selling Points:

  • Reduced electricity costs for rate payers via Demand Charge Reduction, Rate shifts, and TOU management; Payback periods < 2 years
  • Achieving target threshold LCOE triggers “tipping point” for PV + Avalon Battery; Social benefit of Giga-tons/year GHG reduction
  • Avalon’s technology is at TRL9 now; immediate commercialization following successful project

Partners involved

  • Avalon Battery – VFB Developer / Manufacturer, Techno-economic analysis
  • NRC-CNRC (Canada) – Material analysis and verification

Missing partners / expertise

  • Flow battery material developers and suppliers 
  • Electrode, Separator, Electrolyte, Bipolar Plate
  • AC/DC Converter Developers for Solar PV +Battery applications
  • High efficiency, transformer-less, 25+ year lifetime

Project overview