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6 x 500 kWh in an urban environment
Congestion will become an issue, when the percentage of renewable energy production increases, and consumption patterns change.
Energy storage is the missing link. Even before problems occur, we can simulate different production/consumption profiles (e.g. load profiles electric cars)

Key Selling Points:

  • City aims to be frontrunner in energy transition
  • Future with growing unpredictable renewable energy generation, different consumption patters, new trade models
  • Not seen before in The Netherlands on this scale
  • To be integrated in even larger network 

Partners involved

  • StoredEnergy (NL)
  • Municipality (NL)
  • Service provider/software integrator (NL)

Missing partners / expertise

  • Hardware (battery technology) supplier

Project overview

  • CoordinatorBenjamin Neeteson
  • Contact
     StoredEnergy BV
    +31 6 4783 6555
  • StatusProjects looking for partners