Next Generation UAV Battery Technology

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Is a graphene-based energy storage project that combines high-purity graphene and next generation battery management systems with novel and unique UAV design and flight technologies.  The result will be better battery technology with higher energy density and safer packaging.  The impact will be more affordable, longer-life, safer batteries that will advance industrial market commercialization for electric aviation and industrial heavy drones.

The Project Will address:

Technical Issues: Integration of graphene into next generation battery design, BMS and casing for more efficient and safer in-flight use.  Incorporation with innovative and advanced UAV technologies 

Societal issues: Implementation of sustainable solutions for heavy lift operations, equipment transport, security and emergency repairs, especially in remote and difficult locations where adverse conditions prevail.  Reduction of CO2 emissions in meeting Paris Accord targets.  

Economic Issues: Advancement of commercialization.  Longer-life, lighter and safer batteries hold the potential to unlock the industrial market for electric aviation and heavy-lift drones.

Novel Selling Points

  • Introduces the power of graphene to UAV next generation technologies 
  • Advances energy storage technologies 
  • Results in extended flight and safer operations, therefore;
  • Provides extended solutions for transport, security and emergency repairs, in remote and difficult locations where adverse conditions prevail 
  • Creates entry points for  UAV technologies into standard mass-transportation, and overall;
  • Supports national policy targets for greenhouse gas emission reductions

End User Benefits

  • Innovation: extends technological innovation for UAV flight
  • Market Relevance: results in  superior products and expands and opens markets that impact people
  • Business impact: commercializes graphene in the aviation sector; provides competitive edge to a growing market 


  •                Grafoid Inc. (Canada)  :A world leading graphene R&D, application development and technology licensing company
  •               Neva Aerospace Ltd. (UK) :Develops technologies for unmanned air vehicles (UAVs), unmanned air cargo (UAC), aerial robotic platforms (ARP), and electric aviation.  
    Neva’s partners include:
    Geola Technlogies (UK)
    Geola Imaging UAB, (Lithuania)
    Schübeler Composite (Germany)  
    Space Science & Technology Institute (SSTI) (Lithuania)
    Aciel (France) 

Missing Partners :

Discussion are underway to add consortium members

  • UAV Manufacturers  
  • Service Providers & Training
  • Delivery providers

Project overview