Thermal Energy Storage System

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Key Selling Points:

  • Electricity costs are lower benefitting all end users
  • Capital, operating and maintenance costs all substantially less than current technologies
  • Power utilities can better control their demand loads
  • Power generated from Wind or Solar can be converted to heat and stored thus solving part of the problem of having too much electricity at the wrong time.
  • Owners can use Thermal Energy modelling as another option in their decisions.

Partners involved:

  • SGIN (Smart Grid Innovation Network) – Siemens Canada, NB Power, University of New Brunswick
  • Applied Energy Research Lab – Nova Scotia Canada
  • Exp Engineering – offices throughout North America
  • Otter Tail Power – an investor owned electric utility in North & South Dakota and Minnesota


Missing partners / expertise

  • Power utilities
  • Wind and Solar companies
  • Software engineers
  • Data analysis

Project overview