Renewable Hydrogen Storage

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Renewable Hydrogen Storage: 

Replacement of diesel gensets for various applications – microgrids, remote energy needs, temporary demand. Turnkey renewable energy storage solution in the medium duty power range (30-500 kW) using intermittent renewable energy, water electrolysis, and hydrogen fuel cell


  • Low cost, reduced footprint, mobile, durable and robust fuel cell system for stationary power applications
  • Eliminates grid reliance and renewable energy intermittency 

Market Relevance
Replace diesel gensets for (30kW to 500 kW) backup power solutions, isolated sites, peak shaving applications, events, microgrids, temporary demand, ground power units (GPU), etc.

Business Impact

  • New market for medium duty power fuel cells
  • Leverage of motive FC technology for lower cost and low maintenance off-grid hydrogen storage products

Project overview