Fuel Cell Range Extender

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Fuel Cell Range Extender: 

  • Zero emission motive power with enhanced range
  • Mid- to heavy-duty motive fuel cell/battery hybrid power for urban environments  


  • High efficiency, durable, cost competitive fuel cell; introduction into new motive power applications

Market Relevance

  • Zero emission mid- to heavy-duty electric vehicles with improved range
  • Provide quiet, zero pollutant options for densely populated urban centres 

Business Impact

  • New motive markets for medium duty power fuel cells
  • Zero emission vehicle products with good range

Project overview

  • CoordinatorShanna Knights
  • Contact
    Shanna Knights Ballard Power Systems
    Tel: +1.604.412.3152/+1.604.619.8352 (M)
    Mikaël Sallé Montanier
    Tel: +33241671111 / +33612606348 (M
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