Green Tower

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ECO-V, a South African Company, is searching for international partners for its project entitled "Green Tower".Green Tower is an award-winning, hybrid solar water heater, which is an energy efficient replacement for conventional electric geysers. 

This proposal aims to combine: 

  • A Solar thermal heat pump
  • A Solar thermal collector array 
  • A patented energy storage scheme with 
  • An Internet of Things Approach 

Eco-V GreenTower technology makes it possible to offer a very efficient water heating service by combining solar thermal heat pumps, solar thermal collectors, a patented hot water storage scheme, and an Internet-of-Things approach. By adding solar PV, maximum harvesting of the abundant sunshine in South Africa is achieved with surplus energy being available for LED lighting and other essential appliances.

Technical experience required from potential partners: 

  • The optimal use of inverter heat pumps (for hybrid solar air conditioning)
  • Innovative energy storage alternatives
  • Battery management for Lithium batteries
  • Implementation of Internet -based, software-managed hybrid solar equipment (IoT)
  • Leading-edge PV experience
  • Grey water processing 


Project overview

  • CoordinatorECO V
  • Contact

    Dr Gerrit Genis

  • StatusProjects looking for partners