INPV - Track

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CARDTEK, global leader in chip and payment technologies, searching for international partners for its EUROGIA2020 project  “INPV-Track”

INPV – Track aims to introduce novel ICT based technologies for PV tracking. Main goal of this project is to use sun’s solar radiation as an energy source with the most efficient way by benefiting from ICT based technologies.  First phase of the project aims at conveying a literature analysis to define the state of the art and coming up with a reference architecture based on the defined system level and functional requirements. Based on the defined reference architecture, cloud service infrastructure and hardware infrastructure (PV Panel, PV Inverter and PV battery) will be designed and developed. In parallel mobile applications as well as reporting and management applications will be defined and implemented. Final phase of the project will be to define test and validation plan to run demonstration and validation activities.

Required Partner Profile:

Cardtek is is searching for industrial partners from  small, medium or large industrial companies based in EUREKA Member Countries, having expertise in solar resource mapping and forecasting for solar resource, and power generation system.


  • Battery manufacturer for storing and managing energy efficiently
  • Inverter manufacturer to convert energy 
  • PV panel manufacturers

Project overview