N0ELift - Net-Zero Energy Lift System

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Solar and wind energy generation through a small-size installations located in the building and connected to the lift system allows a significant reduction of the electrical consumption from the utility grid. Furthermore, a battery system could accumulate the excess of the generated energy until it would be required by the lift system. As a result, the average energy from the utility grid consumed by the lift system would drop significantly. The concept of an energy-autonomous system is not seeked in this project, on the other hand, the renewable energies act always as complementary sources to the utility grid. However, the reduction of the energy consumed from the grid and an optimized sizing of the renewable energies installations lead to a huge economical savings in the long term. The solar installation integrates several BIPV panels. A low-power microinverter, including a powerline communications interface, is connected to each BIPV panel. All sets formed by the BIPV panel and the microinverter are connected to a single AC line, easing the electrical connection of the solar installation as well as the maintenance tasks. The architecture based on microinverters leads to maximize the generation efficiency compared to central inverter architectures and minimize the effects of partial shading.  In a similar way, wind energy is integrated with the same purposes as the solar energy.

Consortium Net-Zero Energy Lift System is looking for SME partners from EUREKA Member Countires except Spain and Poland.

1-Batteries developer:
Expertise on LiFePO4 or substitutes based technology batteries
Short Time-to-market

2-BIPV panels manufacturer/designer:
Low-Mid power range 
Short Time-to-market

3-WindMills manufacturer/designer:
<  1kW power range and low cut-off speed windmill
Short Time-to-market

Role of possible partners in N0ELift project:

1-Batteries developer:
Implementation of innovative batteries in the Net-Zero Energy Lift System
Validation in a representative environment

2- BIPV panels manufacturer/designer:
Implementation of innovative BIPV panels in the Net-Zero Energy Lift System
Validation in a representative environment

3- WindMills manufacturer/designer:
Implementation of innovative Windmills in the Net-Zero Energy Lift System
Validation in a representative environment.

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  • CoordinatorCEMITEC-ADItech
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    Iñaki Larequi
    +34 848420800 

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