COSMOS aims at developing novel scientific and technical guidelines for maximizing safe geological storage of carbon dioxide (CO2) in deep saline aquifer formations, verifying injection and migration processes, and assessing and mitigating storage risks. Major components are (1) development of testing procedures, (2) selection of materials to give a long term / durable isolation for new CO2 injection wells. Research will simulate the new adequate conditions for CO2 well injection (fluid composition and state). Long-term durability of these advanced candidate systems will be measured in developing an accelerated test methodology. Simulation and characterization of the mechanical stress effects resulting of the CO2 injection in a geological layer will be studied on these new systems. Long term monitoring of the well isolation efficiency is proposed using in-situ probes and new repairing opeation technologies, to be able to maintain the well isolation during its life.



Project overview

  • CoordinatorGeofroschungsZentrum Postdam
  • StatusFinished
  • Date02/02/2005
  • Budget€ 4,550,000