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The LNG Industry will be installing a significant number of coastal & offshore terminals for the reception & regasification of LNG over the coming 5 years and beyond. By 2010 there will also be dedicated FPSO units for liquefaction & LNG storage. The AMPLITUDE-LNG LOADING SYSTEM (ALLS) has been developed to ensure that marine transfer of LNG can continue smoothly without the LNG carriers needing to disconnect (except in real emergencies).The project, which is part 1 of the whole ALLS OPU testing program, concerns the final engineering, procurement, fabrication and factory acceptance tests for the ALLS in order to be able to perform real scale dynamic and transfer tests in the GdF LNG terminal at Montoir de Bretagne (part 2 of ALLS OPU)The ALLS is widely seen as being the vital link in the development of offshore LNG and will allow optimisation of both CAPEX & OPEX. A family of transfer solutions, both aerial & floating will be developed from these trials, which can then be adapted to suit the needs of each LNG project.



Project overview

  • CoordinatorTECHNIP
  • StatusFinished
  • Date30/09/2004
  • Budget€ 1,400,000