The EASST project meets the Russian pipeline operators demand, for increased fire protection and reduction of the CO2 emission of the small gas turbine power plants in the natural gas compression stations. The EASST project idea for an improved fire protection is to avoid oil in the turbogenset, by using a high speed generator in place of the geared alternator and magnetic bearings instead of oil bearings. The EASST project idea for a reduced CO2 emission, is to recover the natural gas pressure let down energy to feed a expansion turbogenerator. This is clean energy. The expanded natural gas is reheated through the gas turbine exhaust, in a cogeneration scheme. The projected works focus on the retrofit of an existing 2.5MW gas turbine, leading to an efficiency increase from 30% up to at least 37%. The project idea is also valid for off-shore plat forms, future unmanned stations, ship propulsion, thanks to weight saving, increased fire protection, reduced maintenance.



Project overview

  • CoordinatorIskra Energetica
  • StatusFinished
  • Date30/09/2004
  • Budget€ 3,950,000