The objective for the OCPEPS project is to deliver an open computing platform for those developing earth modelling/fluid flow applications, providing a well defined infrastructure for extensibility and interoperability with the goal of “Sharing the Earth”. This includes all workflows; seismic, interpretation, drilling, fluid flow and economics. The users of the OCPEPS project are seen as falling into three categories; In-house users within Schlumberger, R&D groups of major oil and gas exploration and production companies and third party Independent Software Vendors for the E&P business or academic research entities. In this project, all these three aspects will be included through the partnership; Schlumberger Stavanger Research (SSR), University of Bergen (CIPR), Hue, Shell Technology EP (Shell), and Delft University of Technology (TUDelft).



Project overview

  • CoordinatorWestern Geco
  • StatusFinished
  • Date04/06/2004
  • Budget€ 6,905,000