The project is aiming at the development and testing of a system on a FPSO, which is capable of remote wave sensing and predicting the detailed motion of the vessel for times of the order of 30 to 60 seconds ahead. Such an On-board Wave and Vessel Motion Estimation system (OWME), allows a significant increase in the safe operational wave limits of a wide range of offshore operations in the oil and gas industry. A prime application is the connection and disconnection of sizeable liquid natural gas transfer systems used in loading operations between offshore LNG floating production units and cryogenic shuttle tankers as well as for the offloading of these shuttle tankers at coastal terminals. Relative vessel motions are most critical during the connect/disconnect stage of the operation. The advance estimation of calm motion periods allows a safe increase in the operating average wave limits. This produces considerable economic gains and can allow offshore LNG production and coastal landing of gas for fields that are rendered unattractive by the prevailing wave climate.



Project overview

  • CoordinatorHenk Van den Boom
  • StatusFinished
  • Date04/06/2004
  • Budget€ 1,420,000