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EG+ 906
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H2-OnAir+ project:

The goal of the H2-OnAir+ project is to equip solar- & battery-powered aircrafts with an additional fuel cell range-extender to increase the range to at least 3 times of its current value (at zero sun from 33 km to > 100 km), proving that hydrogen is a potential candidate for primary power-supply of future clean aviation and finally for the entire transportation of mankind.

The hydrogen driven fuel cell range-extender will work in tandem with the existing Li-Ion battery (by also recharging the battery in flight) and for cost, performance, and particularly for weight reasons will be composed of different options of hydrogen tanks feeding PEM-fuel cells. For the hydrogen-supply, different routes of storing hydrogen will be investigated. All tanks will have the same quick-connector-system, thus a competitive investigation can easily be achieved.

A strong synergy is given to the project with the presence of several German, French and Polish partners.

Project overview