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EG+ 907

GET-Heat project aims to the EPC development of innovative geothermal power plants in European sedimentary basins. This will contribute to the advancement of geothermal research and exploitation in French Triassic series that has potentially a fairly good hydraulic conductivity. Two interesting areas: the Paris Basin and the Southern Rhone Valley. The aim of the project is to exploit a potential geothermal reservoir located between 4000 and 6000 meters deep within a sandstone formation) and in the first part (300 to 500 m) of the crystalline Basement. The minimum temperature should be about 150°C and the targeted flow rate about 350 m3/h. We want to acquire data from Triassic series and the rock basement. Moreover, we plan to obtain knowledge of the structural and the geothermal flow modeling. In order to obtain a proper temperature and flow, an innovative deep vertical/horizontal well will be drilled and stimulated in a soft innovative way. Lastly, we intend to develop an innovative power plant involving a new binary system (Kalex) with improved efficiency over available Kalina or ORC systems.

Project overview

  • CoordinatorMassimiliano Pizzato
  • Contact

    Tel.: +33 (0)5.


  • StatusLabelled
  • Date18/03/2013
  • Budget66.850 MEuros