EG+ 703

Advanced Combined CPV/PSP Application aims at gathering the potential offered by efficient, modern and reliable European technologies. The goal of the project is to develop an innovative renewable energy solution based on Concentrated PhotoVoltaic (CPV) systems with Pumped Storage Plant (PSP), and to demonstrate the feasibility of this hybrid technology in high irradiance areas.

This project will first address the conceptual studies including requirements and specifications. In parallel, the innovative pump / turbine and the management system will then be developed. Finally a full scale demonstrator including 500kW of CPV systems and a 500kW hydraulic PSP will be developed in order to prove the feasibility of the technology.


Project overview

  • CoordinatorSOITEC
  • Contact

    Renaud Stevens    
    Tel:                    + 33 4 76 92 95 03 

  • StatusLabelled
  • Date19/11/2012
  • Budget10,770,000