Novel Ca-Syn

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The primary aim of this project is to develop novel catalysts using a new technique called supercritical fluid deposition. In a previous project titled as “The development of a laboratory scale hydrocracker unit and the hydrocracker catalysts” the preliminary results indicated that the technique has potential for development of novel catalysts for various applications. In this project the preliminary studies will be extended and the fundamental aspects of this technique will be investigated. Novel hydrocracking catalysts will be synthesized and the technology to produce these catalysts at pilot scale will be developed. The resulting catalysts will be tested in a pilot hydrocracker plant by Tüpra? which will play a vital role as a bridge between lab scale and commercialization. 

Project overview

  • CoordinatorTÜPRAS
  • Contact

    Funda Cetin
    41790 Körfez, Kocaeli
    Tel:                   +902623163199

  • StatusLabelled
  • Date21/06/2012
  • Budget875000