EG+ 704

This project aims to develop further two new related batteries: a new zinc air battery for EV technology and a related new zinc flow battery for stationary energy storage. The batteries will be demonstrated and researched on a professional level in three cases: in a car (EV battery), in a house (Flow battery) and in a green EV battery swap station (integrated system). An environmental clean battery recycling scenario is further developed together with an energy management system that reveals storage levels and recharges batteries or connects on the right time to the grid or demand. Dr Ten BV (NL) coordinates the project and researches labscale prototypes further which are further developed by Electrocell (Flow battery) and Agam (EV). Agam also develops the energy management system while Umicore optimizes zinc and develops battery recycling scenario’s. Upon success, the project will lay a base for further roll out in many EV stations and houses, as built by GDF and requested across Western Europe and the Middle East.

Project overview

  • CoordinatorDrTEN
  • Contact

    Marnix Ten Kortenaar 

  • StatusLabelled