EG+ 702

The proposed project will demonstrate that industrial heating and cooling from solar thermal energy is efficient and economically viable on winery applications in France and Turkey. The scientific work will be five-fold: 1) modelling of the system and dynamic simulations of the system to support the equipment sizing studies; 2) development of dedicated heat and cold storage tanks; 3) integration of photovoltaic panels and batteries to feed electrical equipment with a renewable source for security and autonomy reasons; 4) definition of the control laws which will drive the energy sourcing on demand from winery processes in real time with possible customization for French and Turkish sites; 5) development of an information system allowing for preventive and corrective maintenance, e-training and support services. Thanks to the participation of manufacturing and international distribution partners (in about 30 countries), the probability of reaching the market with industrialized products shortly beyond the project is maximized.

Project overview

  • CoordinatorENERSUN
  • Contact

    Catherine Baldo

  • StatusLabelled
  • Date09/02/2012
  • Budget3313000