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To meet the challenges of reducing GHG emissions BIOWINS offers a sustainable solution for heat and electricity as well as energy efficiency by making us of local waste streams and biomass, thereby replacing other unsustainable sources of energy, in particular fossil fuels. The project consortium will rely on a new and ground breaking gasifier technology for the efficient conversion of any type of carbonaceous feedstock and with a physical footprint several times smaller than conventional gasifier systems. BIOWINS will install a selected number of gasification installations in different application settings in different EU Member States and will analyse their operational performance over the period of one year. The installations will provide low carbon, cost effective heat and power at a building, community and potentially district scale. Based on the testing results of the applications, best practice and guidance will be provided to duplicate the use the gasification technology in other sites.

Project overview

  • CoordinatorIndra Scientfic
  • Contact

    Mr Guus Keder 
    Square du Solbosch 26
    1050 Brussels


  • StatusLabelled
  • Date17/11/2011
  • Budget€ 3,202,000