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The photovoltaic (PV) market is clearly located in an industrial age. The goals of competitors’ strategies are the cost reduction of manufacturing and the improvement of the quality of product. Reducing the size of cells could be one solution: less material = less cost. If we evaluate the environment of the PV modules, then modules with concentrating elements may be an important source of information and could respond to this goal.

Within the current partnership between Tenesol and ImpEl, the goal is to evaluate and industrialize an innovative PV product. The product is a low concentration photovoltaic module, based on a matrix of mini single junction silicon cells and polymeric optical elements that concentrate light by X6. The product represents a whole new and innovative approach to packaging of solar PV cells, re: applying semi-conductor process technology operations that replace automation steps (which are the common practice for flat panel manufacturing). These process steps allow the reduction in PV cells consumption by a factor of 6(!) per unit area. Furthermore, it balances the entire elements of the product in order to reduce the cost of processing to the extent possible.

Project overview

  • CoordinatorTENESOL
  • Contact

    Jean Christian Marcel

  • StatusStopped
  • Date01/09/2011
  • Budget€ 2,146,000