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EG+ 608

Within this project, a new meteorological floating station will be developed for offshore purposes. This will be
the first device that allows to registry local environmental information (marine, meteorological, flora and
fauna) and also integrate LIDAR measurements and a lattice tower with current state of the art conventional
measurement devices within a compact and suitable floating offshore substructure which is more similar to
normal offshore support structures than to other ocean measuring devices (buoys).

The floating MET station will be designed to include an energy self-generating system to supply the whole system.

The MET oceanstation will most probably be based on SPAR concept with cathenary mooring lines that will reduce the cost
of assembly, reparation and relocation. Finally the complete design of the meteorological floating station will
be certificated and new floaters will be design for using only LIDAR measuring for future applications

Project overview

  • CoordinatorAcciona Energia
  • Contact

    Raul Manzanas

  • StatusFinished
  • Date14/07/2000
  • Budget€ 6,051,000