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Land seismic is a vital part of securing both the discovery and efficient production of oil and gas. Today it requires an extensive use of cables to connect huge networks of sensors to produce images of the underlying layers of the ground. Such surveys cost a fortune and more than 50% of this cost is related to logistics including cable deployment. Reducing the exploitation cost has become a major challenge for the O&G industry. The whole production chain is concerned by a rationalization, and therefore the seismic acquisition processes need to be improved in terms of efficiency and reliability. The primary goal of this project is to design and develop a completely wireless land seismic system in which the whole communication network is based on radio frequency communication. Such a system will allow easier seismic land acquisition for better sub-surface characterization; and provide a more cost effective, reliable and environmentally friendly operation.



Project overview

  • CoordinatorWestern Geco
  • StatusFinished
  • Date29/06/2006
  • Budget€ 6,995,000