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Floating offshore vertical axis wind turbines:

The VERTIFLOAT project proposes a concept of floating offshore wind farms based on an innovative concept combining a floater and a vertical axis wind turbine (VAWT). This well-known wind turbine solution is an opportunity for floating offshore wind energy when combined with innovative technologies like integral composite blades and full-variable speed control. Installation costs, maintenance costs and availability are quite improved while compared with horizontal axis wind turbine solutions (bottom-mounted or floating).

This concept is currently under development by a consortium involving NENUPHAR, a French start-up company with its own blade technology production, ALSTOM Hydro España, which has expertise in building large generators for vertical axis hydro turbine applications, and CONVERTEAM, which aims at enlarging its power conversion expertise to floating offshore wind.

The scope of the VERTIFLOAT project presented for EUROGIA+ funding is a first step in a global development road map. The VERTIFLOAT project aims at designing, building and testing a full-scale 1.5 MW onshore VAWT (around 50m high and 30m diameter) through an R&D collaborative approach between a SME, two large industrial companies and two universities from France and Spain.

An offshore test on a floater is planned in a second step, most likely in a European offshore test centre.

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