The FAMUS project will provide a method for decision maker to understand and assess flow assurance (FA) risks in quantitative terms and be used in design and operations. The project will develop a common work platform across all technical disciplines involved that will optimise work – and information flow. FAMUS will offer a novel event based uncertainty simulation technique which will integrate existing advanced multiphase simulation tools into the risk and reliability analysis of the whole production system. FA phenomena will be represented by response surface models in interaction with probabilistic time dynamic events. Various designs cases of subsea field development will be analysed. Results will be presented in terms of probability density functions for the lifecycle cost and production volumes of the field. The approach will provide a better management of uncertainty and thereby improve economics, safety and environmental performance and reduce costly conservatism. FAMUS results may enable field developments otherwise considered too risky.



Project overview

  • CoordinatorDNV
  • StatusFinished
  • Date16/12/2005
  • Budget€ 720,000