The Monitas project aims to make floating production system cost effective by development and application of intelligent structural health monitoring systems. The innovation of the project lies in the fact that it will require allowance of such a system already in the contract stage so that the system can be designed and installed as a part of the floating production system. This is in contrast to the recent practice where decisions to install monitoring systems are made too late making the installation cost very high. On the technical side the project will apply most recent achievements of the information technology and smart sensors. The Monitas will translate the monitoring data to operational guidance in an easily understandable format. It will also provide the designers feedback about quality of their design tools. The project will deliver software and a complete industrial specification that can be easily tailored to a specific floating structure. Finally all deliverables will be verified on two FPSOs.


Project overview

  • CoordinatorMarin - Maritime Research Institute Netherlands
  • StatusFinished
  • Date16/12/2005
  • Budget€ 3,200,000