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Heat Exchanger for Aluminium Smelter Pot off Gas:

In order to reduce Gas Treatment Plants size and energy consumption in aluminium smelter, dedicated heat exchangers, working in polluted and dirty gas will be necessary. This improvement will be very efficient, as it will not only reduce the total flow to be processed (by cancelling the need for ambient air dilution use for gas cooling), but will also reduce the actual total flow (Normal pot off gas flow will remain the same, but as the temperature will be lower, then actual flow will be less).

The other side effects can be summarized as following:

- Improve efficiency of HF elimination (Modern process are limited by gas temperature)
- Recover energy to produce either hot water, electricity,…
- Increase lifetime of bag filters (then reduce the need for waste recycling).
- Reduce CO2 footprint: by reducing energy consumption and by reducing the sizes of the treatment Plants (hence less steel and less transportation,).


Project overview