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Autonomous power solution:

The project aim is to define a modular autonomous power solution from 1kW to 5kW which can be quickly, easily transported and deployed on isolated site: telecommunication, maritime safety, rural electrification, road safety, humanitarian mission, pacification mission. The main technological innovation is to combine multiple power storage technologies with renewable energy sources on a modular approach for multi purpose high energy efficiency performance and zero CO2 emission. The estimated CO2 savings are 45 tons per year for a 2kW site.

The main challenge is to define a robust and profitable solution that could offer twenty four hours service in any conditions. An additional challenge is implied by the modularity that allows the combination of several units for various power demands. The major visible expected result will be a self sufficient solution, even for water, that guarantees suitable quality of services, fast installation, limited costs and a use in any type of environmental situation (area - mountain, jungle, desert) with a very limited maintenance (once per year). Moreover this solution could be used also as a back-up energy in case of black-out over 24 hours or even after natural disasters where fuel supply can hardly be organized (i.e. : Klaus, Katrina, earthquakes in Haiti or flooding in Pakistan).

 The project will focus particularly on:

The main scientific and technological innovations produced by the project are related to the integration of different existing energy sources (solar, wind, electrolyser) and energy storages (Li-Ion batteries, Fuel cell, Hydrogen) controlled by a single management system making the proposed solution adapted to cope with power needs and context environment. Taking into account these shortcomings, the scientific and technological innovations of Renesta are the following ones: 

 1. Design of a compact and modular energy station solution able to cope with power needs from 1kW to 5kW 

 2. Adaptation and packaging of modular energy sources and energy storages (electrolyser, fuel cell, batteries). 

 3. Optimisation of energy management and consumption by using a single dedicated system controller 

 4. Software tool for components and solution sizing regarding the context parameters. 

 5. Design to fit to a broad spectrum of applicable markets

Project overview

  • CoordinatorEADS
  • Contact

    Eric Munier

  • StatusFinished
  • Date13/09/2010
  • Budget€ 6,000,000