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EG+ 204
Call 02

Hull Life Cycle & Asset Integrity Management System:

Offshore floating wind turbines “WTs” farms at sea are continuously exposed to wind and waves while access is difficult. Therefore, the profitability of these farms results from both initial good design and optimal Inspection Maintenance and Repair “IMR” strategy during their whole operational life.

 The objective of the project is to develop an innovative decision support system for the structural maintenance of offshore floating WTs farms. The resulting system integrates: a simulation of inspection scenarios, Risk Based Inspections “RBI” probabilistic calculations, time domain hydrodynamic calculations of the WTs motions and stresses combined with a finite element and fatigue structural analysis, and a geometrical 3D model for each WT (using the marine OpenHCM standard). 

The expected benefit for the designers will be to take into account the IMR aspects early in the farm iterative design process, in view to optimizing the life-cycle global cost. 

Later on, during the farm exploitation phase, the measured environmental conditions, inspection results and repairs will be re-injected into the system, thus allowing the actualization of the optimal IMR strategy.

All this will finally reduce the KWh cost of the delivered electricity for this low-carbon technology.

Although the project focusses on IMR of the structure of offshore floating WTs, it directly applies to fixed offshore WTs and we expect an easy generalization to any type of renewable marine energy farm.


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