Mr Murat Pinar, ENERJISA Distribution Companies, elected as new Chairperson of EUROGIA2020


July 2, 2018- Brussels - BE - Murat Pinar, the General Manager of ENERJISA Distribution Companies took over the chairmanship of EUROGIA2020 Board as of July 1 2018.

Mr Murat Pinar expressed his utmost enthusiasm to carry out this role during his one-year mandate and congratulated the former chairperson Mrs Sinem Altuncu for her excellent achievements. Since its accession to EUROGIA Board in March 2017, ENERJISA has initiated 4 POs (Project Outline) and participated in one proposal as a project partner.  EUROGIA2020 Board presents its gratitude for the active participation of ENERJISA and encourages other companies, RTOs and universities in EUROGIA2020 network to follow this example in decarbonising European Energy Markets.

Mr. Murat Pinar is the General Manager of ENERJISA Distribution Companies; Baskent, Ayedaş and Toroslar providing electricity to 20 million people in Turkey. He graduated from Karadeniz Technical University as an Electrics and Electronics Engineer and started his professional career in Siemens where he worked as transmission engineer, transmission product manager and application and integration manager during 1998-2006. Later, he undertook the task manager position responsible for the field operations at Nokia Siemens Networks Company in 13 different countries. During his employment there he became Program Director responsible for telecommunications, fiber optics, infrastructure, construction and integration. In 2010 he joined Baskent EDAS. Until 2015, he worked as the Group Director of Baskent, Ayedas and Toroslar which are the electricity distribution regions of Enerjisa.

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More About EUROGIA2020

EUROGIA2020 is the EUREKA Cluster for low carbon energy technologies. It has generated 43 energy technology projects with the aim of mitigating climate change, representing 250 M Euros. EUROGIA2020 is a bottom-up, industry driven, market oriented programme which addresses all areas of the energy mix, from renewable energy to efficiency, and reduction of carbon footprint of fossil fuels.

More about ENERJISA

Enerjisa was established as an autoproducer company in 1996, to meet the electricity requirements of Sabancı companies and became one of the leading players of the growing and developing electricity market of Turkey.