EUROGIA2020 Board welcomes Green Power Labs


EUROGIA2020 Board grows stronger with the accession of new members. Green Power Labs, a leading global predictive analytics company specializing in green and renewable energy, joined EUROGIA Board on October 6, 2017.

Green Power Labs is a project partner of EUROGIA2020 project, "EnergyShared", developing a predictive ICT platform to address intermittency issue,  improve customer engagement and  to increase the installed PV capacity globally.   


"We are honored to be joining leading energy technology companies such as GE, Acciona Energy, Bureau Veritas, CARDTEK and many others to determine day-to-day execution of EUROGIA2020 programme and guide the team in selection and evaluation of project proposals” says CEO and the President of Green Power Labs Inc., Dr. Alexandre Pavlovski.

Green Power Labs will be represented by its CEO Alexandre Pavlovski at EUROGIA2020 Board and by Alan Cyr at EUROGIA2020 Technical Committee.


Shown is EUROGIA2020 Chairwoman, Sinem Altuncu together with Dr. Alexandre Pavlovski during
the last EUROGIA Board Meeting in Istanbul

More about EUROGIA2020: 

EUROGIA2020 is the EUREKA Cluster for low carbone energy technologies. EUREKA is a decentralized intergovernmental initiative started in 1985 to enhance European competitiveness by supporting businesses, research centers and universities that take part in trans-national projects. It addresses all innovative energy technologies that will reduce the carbon footprint of energy production and use and develop new technologies for energy such as solar, wind, biomass, geothermal and energy efficiency. 

More about GreenPowerLabs: 

Green Power Labs is a leading developer and service provider for predictive energy management solutions, with over 13 years of operational experience. Predictive energy management encompasses predictive analytics—providing critical weather and energy data for building and grid operations in real time—and predictive controls—using this data to optimize building and grid performance, reducing energy use, costs, and carbon footprint.