EUROGIA2020 Istanbul PO Day


EUROGIA2020 has organised Project Outline (PO) Day on October 5, 2017 in Istanbul, Turkey.   Over than ten high level speakers addressed this event, including the vice minister of Science, Industry and Technology Minister, Mr Hasan Ali Celik; the Chairman of EUREKA, Mr Uusi-Honko; the rector of Istanbul Technical University (ITU), Prof. Dr. Mehmet Karaca.

CEO of CARDTEK, Mr Turgut Guney welcomed participants to EUROGIA2020 Istanbul PO Day and presented CARDTEK`s goals to accomplish before the 100th anniversary of Turkish Republic in 2023.   "CARDTEK joined EUROGIA2020 with the aim of introducing new payment solutions for smart grids. " said Mr Turgut Guney.

Mr Mehmet Karaca, the rector of ITU : " Istanbul Technical University (ITU) is the only university in Turkey hosting an Energy Technopark within its campuses and ITU Technoparks overall has more than 250 companies with impressive export capacity. We are very pleased to host this event since energy is one of the core subjects for ITU."

Make better use of EUREKA: 

Turkey is among the most active EUREKA Countries and stands as a good example  in terms of number of projects generated.  EUREKA Finnish Chairman, Mr Heikki Uusi Honko invited all EUREKA Member and Associated Countries to be further involved in EUREKA Instruments to make better use of EUREKA. "The main challenge that Europe is currently facing is the lack of demand for business oriented support instruments.  EUREKA Instruments  respond to this challenge by introducing bottom approach to the European Innovation Landscape." says Mr Heikki Uusi Honko.

"Today EUREKA comprises more than 43 EUREKA Member and Associated Countries, this increases the cooperation opportunities for Turkish Participants and enables fast project generation." says the vice minister, Mr Hasan Ali Celik.

Following the key note speeches, the audience was informed about EUROGIA2020 project application and evaluation processes, funding application processes for Turkish Participants and overall activities of EUREKA Clusters.

The event had over 200 participants and more than 70  consortium building - B2B sessions  were held following the conference. During the project pitch sessions on solar, energy, smart grids and energy efficient buildings, participants presented their project ideas that could help decrease the carbon foot print. 













EUROGIA2020 Chairwoman, Mrs Sinem Altuncu  presents
a thank you plaque to the vice-minister  Mr Hasan Ali Celik.