EUROGIA2020 Information Day in Madrid

20/02/2015 Image

Brussels - BE- February 19, 2015 - EUROGIA 2020 organized an information day under the auspices of CDTI ( Center for the Development of Industrial Technology) on February 18, 2015 in Madrid.  This event aimed to increase the visibility of EUROGIA2020 Programme in Spain with the strong support of our Board Member Companies : Acciona Energia and Leading Enterprises .

Spain ranks the 3rd most active country in EUROGIA2020 programme after France and Germany in terms of participation  in accordance with the attractive funding schemes of CDTI. To learn more, please visit EUROGIA -Spain Country page

Presentations from the information day can be downloaded through the following links : 

EUROGIA2020: Get your best ideas funded
ACCIONA Energia : Madrid Info Day 
Introduccion Clusters CDTI 
Financiacion de Proyectos CDTI