Energy Transition in France



Energy Transition in France and in Europe: EUROGIA2020, a tool to achieve
low carbon energy goals.

EUROGIA2020 organized a successful event on Energy Transition in France 

Brussels – December 12, 2014 - EUROGIA2020 in coordination with CNRS organized an information day and brokerage event on December 10, 2014 in Paris at IPGP. The event, tackling the ambitious French Energy Transition Bill, started with the welcome speech of EUROGIA2020 General Manager,Mr Gabriel Marquette, who is also the industry relations manager at CNRS INSU.

GDF SUEZ: First to pioneer new energy technologies
Mr Raphael Schoentgen GDF SUEZ, Director of Research & Technologies introduced the long lasting relationship between EUROGIA2020 and GDF SUEZ. Numerous Projects carried out by GDF SUEZ such as GRYHD, ENE. Field and VALENTHIN usher in the support of industry towards the transition to new energy system in France.

High Increase in Energy Consumption for mining and mineral processing
21 per cent of the global energy consumed by the industry in 2011 was used for the production of steel and cement.`This figure extracted from World Energy Outlook 2013 displays the increasing role of mining and mineral processing in energy consumption. Present 5 per cent annual growth rate for concrete, steel, aluminium and copper, used in the production of renewable and fossil fuel technologies will not be sustainable in 40 years.` said Mr Olivier Vidal, Research Director of ISTerre (Institute of Earth Sciences). Sustainable solutions are required to respond to demand and to decrease the share of mineral processing in energy consumptions.

West  Normandy:  A regional hydrogen economy demonstrator
Mr Laurent Jammes, Scientific and Technical Director, EHD2020 featured the energy potential of West Normandy and how it can contribute to energy transition in France. `About 10 GW of decarbonised electricity could be produced in West Normandy with the Hydrogen Energy Roadmap, equivalent to 10 per cent of installed capacity in France.`

BPI France: Closer to Entrepreneurs
International programmes director of Bpifrance, Mr Patrick Cornet featured a presentation of support schemes that EUROGIA2020 project proposers can benefit in France. Bpifrance provides financing to French SMEs to foster their innovation plans.  Innovation programme includes soft loans and subsidies amount to 659 M Euros. 

France : EUROGIA2020 Founding Country

Mr Dominique-Paul Warnier, High level representative of EUREKA to France, briefed the audience about the constant support of France for EUROGIA and its achievements towards the energy transition in France and in Europe. 

Presentations featured during the conference: