EUROGIA& UK Joint Funding Mechanism


The UK Department of Energy and Climate Change,  in collaboration with Eurogia+ and Technology Strategy Board , is launching a new funding mechanism, Eurogia-UK, to encourage UK companies to participate in transnational collaborations to develop innovative industrial RD&D projects for low carbon energy technologies. DECC will consider funding applications from collaborative projects receiving the Eurogia+ quality label as of September 2013; consortium partners from other Eureka countries will be eligible for funding in their own countries within the usual Eureka/Eurogia+ framework.

Applicants will be eligible to receive up to £1m to fund UK activity within a project. The maximum percentage of public funding that can be provided is 40% for large enterprises, 50% for medium enterprises and 60% for small enterprises.

A program launch and brokerage event will take place on July 10th in London. Participants will have the opportunity to learn about the Eurogia+ funding process, the applicable rules for UK funding and to discuss project ideas with interested companies. Brokering sessions will focus on four technology areas of key interest to the UK: offshore wind, wave and tidal, carbon capture and storage, and energy storage. 

Applications for funding will be considered for all technologies covered by the European Strategic Energy Technologies (SET) Plan, in the context of their potential contribution to the relevant EII Implementation Plan. 

UK Participants Eligibility Criteria : UK Industrial partners [Large companies and SMEs] are eligible for funding via an application to Eurogia-UK, a mechanism jointly administered by Department of Energy and Climate Change (DECC) and the Technology Strategy Board (TSB). Academics are welcome to participate in projects but they have to self fund or secure funding from other sources prior to application.

  • All UK participants must be seperate legal entities.
  • Companies must have been trading for at least 12 months and VAT registered
  • Maximum total grant limit is £1,000,000 for UK partner

EUROGIA+ Eligibility Criteria :

  • 2 or more companies from 2 different EUREKA member countries.
  • Demonstrate technical innovation 
  • Have strong commitments to commercial exploitations
  • The contribution from any given country and/or any given organization must not exceed 66% of the total budget.